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Vitalaris would be glad to deliver custom-tailored advice on our products and services. For each customer an individual service plan is developed, taking wishes and circumstances into account.

If you choose one of our products, you will receive an all-inclusive service:

  • individual planning of a custom-tailored concept

  • the delivery and repairment of oases  and dispensers

  • training for usage and handling of the equipment

  • regular maintenance

  • information on drinking water and filter systems (on request)


To be able to ensure excellent water quality and perfectly functionable devices, our team takes care of regular service and maintenance. In a cycle, tailored to your personal needs, every single device and filter undergoes maintenance.

This includes:

  • deep cleaning and descaling of the devices
  • replacement of UV lamp and filters
  • disinfection of refillable bottles

Affordable and ecological: with every Vitalaris device you save about 100kg Co² yearly!