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VITALARISOAsis with Water dispensers


Drinking water from the Vitalarisoasis meets the highest quality demands. The Vitalarisoasis is depending on the availability of a waterline and power connection. Every Vitalarisoasis is equipped with our filter system and cleans tap water of all pollution and contaminations. What remains is fresh drinking water with its natural nutriments and minerals. The cleaned water is automatically filled into 19 litre bottles, which then can be placed into the water dispensers. This system is based on a rotating process.

The Vitalarisoasis is a perfect fit for companies who have a high demand for drinking water, as there always is a filled bottle ready to be placed in a water dispenser.

Vitalarisoase der Firma Vitalaris

Water Dispenser

After the bottle is filled with fresh and clean water, it can be easily transported to the dispensers with our specially designed bottle wagon. The water dispensers can be flexibly placed, the only necessity is a power connection. The dispensers deliver fresh, natural, and purified water – cold, hot, and room temperature- wherever it is needed the most.

All water dispensers are equipped with a self-cleaning system to maintain hygiene of the dispensers and quality of the drinking water.

Water orders, transport costs, storage, returning empty bottles, crate picking, and delivery issues belong to the past. To be able to ensure excellent water quality and perfectly functionable devices, our team takes care of regular service and maintenance.

Wasserspender der Firma Vitalaris