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The Easyoasis is a water dispenser with an integrated filter system. Unlike conventional water dispensers, the Easyoasis does not require a water line. This means that the device can be flexibly placed, wherever it is needed the most, regardless of the availability of water lines. The bottles are manually filled with the water available on-site, to make it as easy as possible we developed a unique closure system.
The filled bottles are placed in the Easyoasis and connected to the filter system. The water is then cleaned and purified within the device, all pollution and contaminations are removed. What remains is fresh drinking water with its natural nutriments and minerals.
You always have fresh, natural, and purified water – cold, hot, and room temperature- wherever it is needed the most. All devices are equipped with a self-cleaning system to maintain hygiene of the dispensers and quality of the drinking water.
Our Easyoasis is perfect for businesses that want to provide fresh and healthy water to their employees and customers but has not had the opportunity to do so because of storage and space issues and / or problems with water supply.