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Welcome to the Vitalaris! We provide you with healthy, natural, and fresh water anytime and anywhere. Get to know our innovative and flexible concepts.
We are happy to show you how easy it is to turn your own tap water into a bubbling source of pure well-being.
Affordable and ecological: with every Vitalaris device you save about 100kg Co² yearly!

    Oasis Concept briefly explained:

    Veranschaulichung des Oasen-Prinzips
    Helehe Erich Schulz

    Vitalarisoase with Water dispensers

    This concept includes a filling station called VITALARISOASE and several water dispensers. It is suitable for companies with at least 2 water dispensers.
    The filling station must be connected to a water line. The water is then thoroughly cleaned with our filter system inside the VITALARISOASE.
    The cleaned water is automatically filled into 19 litre bottles, which then can be placed into the water dispensers.

    Advantages of the Oasis Concept:

    • no more water orders, transport costs, storage, returning empty bottles, crate picking, and delivery issues
    • with every Vitalaris device you save about 100kg Co² yearly!
    • flexible and compact
    • Clean and tasty drinking water
    Illustration der Vernetzung über die Gallonen